Our Mission: is to make renewable energy cheaper, electricity markets more efficient, and grids more adaptable.


Manfred Neustifter
Manfred Neustifter
Manfred is the Founder CEO of Fluxpower, an operations and Product Manager. Previously he was on the Federal Reserve's Faster Payment Task Force & Secure Faster Payment Task Force in the USA, and before that he founded QLD's first car sharing startup. Manfred has a Bachelor of Commerce (Finance & Accounting), and a Diploma of Quality Auditing (ISO 9001). In his spare time Manfred loves to go camping, surfing and to the beach with his dog 'Kimba'
Wagner Amaral
Wagner is the Tech Lead at Fluxpower, a full stack developer working on frontend web and mobile apps, APIs, and backend services. Previously he was a Web Developer for Superintendency of Electronic Governance and Information and Communication Technology, at The Federal University of Santa Catarina in Brazil. Wagner has a Master's of Software Engineering and a Bachelor of Information Systems. In his spare time he likes to relax drinking chimarrão/mate.


Our Vision: is a future where smart cities and technologies support sustainable communities, homes and businesses.

A #solarpunk version of reality where humans build toward a more utopian existance for all forms of nature.

We hope to catalyse change by enhancing and rewarding behaviours that support sustainable energy management, incentivising electricity consumers and suppliers to plan and adjust conciously in real-time and using automation. We believe this can lead people to consider their impact more broadly beyond sustainable energy systems, to extrapolate their impact and connection to all things.


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